Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Milk and Cookie Birthday Party for Princess K

Princess K turned 2 on June 20th.  Since we spent the week before her birthday at the beach her party was postponed for a week.  Her Mom did a great job with planning a fun party around her theme of milk and cookies inspired by the book "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie". 

She decorated with cookies in jars scattered through out the house.


She used pink, brown and white as the color scheme. 

Pink is Princess K's favorite color which inspired the cake and her dress.

The fun activity for the girls was to decorate their own cookies.  The cookies and a small box of either chocolate or strawberry milk was supposed to go in their gift bags, however the girls all ate their cookies.

The cookie decorating table before the girls got started.

The bags the cookies were supposed to go in.

She served pizza.  This is the biggest pizza I have ever seen!


Princess K and Queen B in their reversible party dresses.  The girls picked out the fabric on a recent trip to the fabric store.  I had them cut out before we went to the beach but for some reason I was still working on them at the last minute. 

Every girl needs flowers in her hair, especially if they match her party dress.  These were really easy to make and they turned out oh so cute.

There were gifts galore!


The girls were so excited to see what Princess K got that it got just a wee bit croweded at gift opening time.

Princess K trying out one of her gifts.

It was a great party and everyone had a terrific time!

 Oh, guess what Queen B will be doing in the Fall.......