Thursday, September 16, 2010

Can I Just Tell You....

How excited I was when one of my customers told me the story of how she had referred her friend to me to make University of Tennesse bandanna dresses for her daughters.  Let me start with the background.

When I started this little business of mine I was only making purses and baby items.  Every sale I had made was strictly to friends or friends of my daughters.  Then a friend of mine suggested I try renting a booth at one our local antique marts and selling my items there.  So I did.  That is where Shelia discovered the bandanna dresses.  She mentioned them to her friend Tori (who graduated from UT) and she ordered 2 dresses.  That was 2 years ago.

Sad to say that due to the economy I no longer have my booth at the antique mart.  However I do an outdoor market once a month here in our community.  In August Shelia just happened to be at the market and found my booth.  She bought this really cute market basket .  Aren't the colors so much fun?
Anyway she told me she had been looking for me for months, because she used to buy from my booth all the time.  She finally talked to my friend Nikki that works at the antique mart and she told her I was at the market every month.  During our conversation she told me the story of how I had made the bandanna dresses for her friend a couple of years ago.  She said that her friend loved them and that a picture of one the girls had ended up on the cover of the program they publish for Alumni Day.  Imagine how excited and surprised I was that one of my dresses was on the cover of a publication. 

I asked Shelia if she would ask Tori to send me the pictures.  She did and even gave me permission to use them here.  So here are Tori's adorable girls all dressed and ready to cheer on their Tennesse Volunteers.