Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fingertips and Noses

Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Independence Day 2010

I know I am a little behind (as usual) in posting about our July 4th weekend, but it has been crazy hectic around here.  I find myself asking the question "whatever happened to those lazy days of summer" more and more. 

Anyway our weekend consisted of me participating in the Woodstock Market and Show.  This is an event I do the first weekend of every month from March-December.  Although this is the first year I have done the July 4th holiday.  Last year I was a vendor in what is supposed to be a big show on the Square in Marietta.  Granted there were a lot of people there but they were either there for the parade in the morning or the fireworks that evening.  So I decided to try the show in Woodstock this year.  Unfortunately both shows were a bit of a dissappointment on the sales side.  I think it has to do with the holiday itself.  There is just so much else going on from parades to cook-outs to fireworks that I don't think anyone is thinking about shopping.  I probably won't do another show on the 4th going forward.

I had alot of fun being there anyway.  We had 80 vendors, which always makes the atomsphere a lot more vibrant.  There was karoke and lots of creative ways folks showed their red, white and blue spirit.

This little guy was so cute.  He did his best Michael Jackson impression

This guy was hilarious.  He sang an old country song about being humble.  The ladies in the crowd kept going up and putting dollar bills in his pockets. 

Sometimes you see things you least expect to.

We celebrate on July 3rd by going to the house that my daughter's in-laws own in the heart of one of the little cities here locally.  Their backyard backs right up to where the city sets off their fireworks.  So we all gather in the backyard for a big cookout and then watch the fireworks.  We eat lots of food and play games until the fireworks start.  It's a great time for everyone, but I think the kids have the most fun.

There was more inside the house..............

Setting up the fireworks.  That's the in-law's  garden.

Two cutie pies showing their American spirit.

Friends and...............

Family galore.

We used garland in new ways.


Compared our fancy footwear.

A great time was had by all.  This "little" event keeps growing every year and I can't wait to see who will be there next year.  Hope y'all had as much fun on the 4th as we did.