Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shirts for Disney

The schools in our area were on Fall break a couple of weeks ago and my daughter and her family went to Disney World.  Of course, they were there with half of the state of Georgia, but they had a great time.  One of the things she requested was shirts for her girls to wear while there.  Well, she showed up with 10 t-shirts-5 for each girl as well as specific instructions of what she wanted on them.  To her credit she gave us a month to get them done, however it was not to be.  Those shirts were of the devil!  Everytime we tried to work on one something would happen.  The design wouldn't digitize right, the applique didn't work, you name it and it happened.  Finally we just gave up and I sent them back to her with the warning that they were possessed.  Of course she didn't believe me.  Then she tried ironing on designs and that didn't even work.  The first one she ironed on backwards, then the color was washed out on the others.  Needless to say they wore them anyway.

We did manage to get 2 of the shirts to turn out.  It was my first try at applique on the embroidery machine and they turned out really cute.  They were a big hit with Queen B and Princess K.

Even after all the stress and craziness of trying to do those stinkin' shirts they girls didn't even care that they weren't perfect.  They were after all in the land of Mickey!