Friday, February 19, 2010

It Snowed!!!

I know I am a week late posting this, but life has a way of changing my plans.  I had planned to talk about our "SnowJam 2010" earlier in the week it just didn't work out that way though.  It was my kind of snow-lasted all of about 24 hours.  By 12:00 on Saturday the roads were clear and dry.  The snow was beautiful to look at and the kids had a great time playing in it all weekend.  Now that we have had our snowstorm for the winter we can bring on Spring.   I for one am more than ready.

What do you do when you are "snowed" in for the day?  Well we spent our day catching up on monogramming orders.  By Saturday night we had monogrammed 51 purses, 1 market tote, 1 lunch bag, and 4 pillowcases.  Mission accomplished.

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