Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm Late, I'm Late....

This seems to be the story of my blog life.  I have really good intentions of posting everyday, but then life gets in the way and I end up posting late.  Anyway since it has been 2 whole months since I lasted posted we have celebrated A Very Grinchy 5th Birthday, Christmas, New Years and had 3 winter weather events-one of which shut the city down for a week!  I also completed a couple of projects I have been wanting to do for a while. This post is going to be picture heavy because I am trying to catch up, so here goes.

The birthday girl

Posing with the inspiration for the party theme.

We watched this.

Everyone came dressed in their favorite p.j.'s.

The birthday cupcake.  It was tie-dyed!

Checking out the gifts.

It helps to get a really BIG breath when blowing out the candle.


Baking cookies for Santa. 

Sitting in the manager at church.

I made these really cute outfits for them to wear Christmas Eve.  Of course they make them even cuter.

Who could resist this face?

She couldn't figure out why Santa had brought her this.  Her exact quote:  I think Santa got confused; I'm a girl not a boy.

Christmas morning aftermath!!!

Got the one gift we really, really wanted....

A Pillow Pet!!

Building castles with Papa.

Some of my favorite faces.

A rare Christmas Day snow.

We caught snowflakes on our tongues.

And made snow hand prints.

Isn't this pretty?  It snowed all day and most of the night.

We spent a very quite evening at home on New Year's Eve and watched lots of football on New Year's Day.  Consequently there are no pictures, however January came in like a lion and left all of this the 2nd week of the month.

The lower part of the hill across from our house.

Looking down the street from our front porch.

This is our patio.  Notice how the snow piled up on the table.

There is a patio somewhere under there.

My little flower bed in the back.  The plant in the front is mint.  It was nice and green and full just before Christmas when the first winter weather event (as we like to call them) hit.

The road in front of our house.  The storm hit on Sunday and it still looked like this on Wednesday.  Took it a full week to melt.

Traffic on 575S on Wednesday morning.  As you can tell the roads are not in great shape.

On the way home. 

I'm not kidding when I say the city was shut down for a week.  We missed 3 days of work and the schools were out all week.  Things really didn't start to get back to normal until the weekend.  This is one Southern girl who will be glad when winter is over.  Can't wait for the 90 degree temperatures and high humidity!